Satellite Symposia


On October 11, 12 and 13 morning satellite symposia will be organised by sponsoring companies. On October 12, there will also an some afternoon satellite symposium.

(Please contact the companies directly to be part of these meetings!)

Sattellite symposia will be held in rooms on the  ground floor and 2nd floor




October 11, 2017:  08:30 AM - 10:00 AM  Mediphos

Please click HERE for the program en registration for the satellite meeting of Mediphos

"Trends in molecular POCT for improved management of infectious diseases"

Chairman: Dr. Jeroen van de Bovenkamp (PAMM, Veldhoven, The Netherlands)

8.30                      Opening by the Chairman

8.35 – 9.05          :  The future of microbiology  the brickless laboratory

                                Dr. Jan Gorm Lisby, (Hvidorve Hospital, Denmark)

9.05 – 9.20          :  Evaluation of a new platform for POCT of Cdiff

                              Stanislava Steiner M.Sc., (Bioanalytica AG. Luzern Switzerland)

9.20 – 9.35         :  To test or not to test - and how?

                              Relevance of testing CDIff on non-CDiff samples

                              Prof. Dr. Martin Altwegg, (Bioanalytica AG, FAMH Mikrobiologie, Luzern Switzerland)

9.35-9.55             : Detection of Group B Streptococci (GBS) colonization before delivery                                                                (comparison between a new point of care molecular detection system, GenePOC, and culture)

                              Prof. Dr. med. Lutz Von Müller (Christophorus-kliniken, Coesfeld, Germany)

09:55 - 10.00        Questions and closing by the chairman

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October 12, 2017: 07:15 AM - 08:45 AM Cepheid 

Title: From Point of Care to Infinity

  • Comprehenshive validation of the Xpert® HIV-1 Viral load assay prior to a system changeover.

             Mr. Martin Däumer, Institute of Immunology and Genetics

            Kaiserslautern, Germany

  • Winter Point of Care Testing

            Jayne Harwood BSc, Freeman Hospital

            Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

  • Sharing experiences from a French community based STI centre (Paris, France)

            Béatrice Berçot, MD, PhD, French National Center for bacterial STIs, APHP

             Paris, France

  • Introduction to Cepheid’s Xpert Oncology assays: Empowering laboratories through simplified molecular diagnostics

            Iris Simon, Ph.D., Medical Scientific Affairs and Strategy (Oncology) , Cepheid

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October 12,2017: 04:00 PM - 05:30 PM (exact timing TBC): Ugentec

Please click HERE for the program en registration for the satellite meeting of Ugentec

"The impact of artificial intelligence on routine molecular diagnostics"

Chair: Dr. Rob Schuurman


Speaker: Joachim Jacobs, Chief Data Scientist at UgenTec

Title:       "Teaching a computer to analyze PCR results"

Speaker: Karen Dierickx, Molecular Biologist, PhD at OLVZ Aalst

Title:       “How FastFinder has automated and standardized a vital part of our workflow”

Belgian beer reception at the end of the satellite meeting

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October 13, 2017 : 07:15 AM– 08:45 AM Hologic

"Panther Fusion: Evolution in Molecular Diagnostics"

Chair: Dr. E. Claas, Leiden, The Netherlands

Location: Panorama room 7 (2nd floor)


  1. Panther Fusion – dealing with respiratory infections

            Dr. M. Barfred Friis, Herlev, Denmark

  1. Aptima Viral load assays, analytical performance and workflow in comparison to other Next Generation Diagnostic Solutions

            Dr. R. Delgado, Madrid , Spain

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